影 ● 5/23-5/26一周速報




播出內容預告【全】 五月 22nd 2011

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    Dag nabbit good stuff you wharnepspippers!

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    I don’t think moving forward or not with the Hulk should be impacted by Wonder Woman. They made a choice to take Wonder Woman in a direction that didn’t work. Batman, Superman and Spiderman have all been updated recently with a serious tone. If ABC wants the Hulk to work you have to start there. Cheesy cornball 70s superhero stuff won’t work in 2011. Anybody who watched the original isn’t in the demo anyway so why stay true to the original 70s version. Missed opportunity in my opinion to do this the right way.

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    That penis looking dude on MSNBC, Roger Maddow, is a chick? Now wait a minute: broad shoulders, short hair, deep voice, likes women…yeah, that's a dude.

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    Olá, a questão não é estar correto ou não, mas dependendo do momento, organizar uma vitrine como uma palheta de cores pode ser uma ótima alternativa visual, observando a harmonia na transição destas e deixando claro que existe esta progressão cromática.

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    “Ugh, re. Polka’s insistance that some Polish revenge killer indiscriminately killing 100 “Soviets” was pretty much just deserts.”In that case, it would be entirely fair and reasonable to label you as ‘ignorant and primitive’.“But ugh too re, Warren posting there a video by a guy(?) known as Journeyman:”Never looked at who had posted the video. I don’t see how it’s relevant to anything.

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    Burgess, I wish you would preface these poetry posts by indicating we’ll need to have a box of kleenex handy for the reading. My shirt is now a tear- and snot- soaked mess after that spirit stretching glimpse into the hearts of Cosmo.

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    75 would be a lot, I can see why you’ve opted for as many as you can. I also understand your wanting more classics in your life, it’s strange how everything about them grabs you (I know in my case it started out as wanting to know about famous books but now it’s that I love the stories).Burney is on my “sometime in the future” list so I’m happy to see her on yours here. Other than Du Maurier I’ve not heard of any authors from the second list. Is that bad? I know almost all of the first list though.

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    wondering why it takes so long for my money to show up in paypal, when i redeemed points almost a week ago. i also could not find a category to post this on, evidently i’m not supposed to be negative on here.

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    David, for your proposal to gain any political traction amongst 2A proponents would probably require “The Jefferson Rifle” be the currently issued US armed forces rifle. Or perhaps the semi-auto version, the AR-15. That would be “enough rifle” for most 2A proponents, but I assume “too much rifle” for most “gun control” proponents.

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